February 17, 2021
LOVE Hummingbird

LOVE – The Hummingbird Learning Acronym

On Sunday we celebrated St Valentine’s Day and like every other event over the past year, it was a different sort of day. But the essential […]
February 2, 2021
Leaving Cert 2021

Leaving Cert 2021 – On or Off

Leaving Cert 2021 is looking like Leaving Cert 2020 PART 2. Last year I had someone doing the Leaving Cert, so I understand the frustration being felt […]
January 22, 2021
School from home

Remember it is School From Home – Not Home-Schooling

2021 has started with a sense of déjà vu, home-schooling has started again. Or at least what we call home-schooling has restarted. Back in March, for […]
December 27, 2020
2020 Education changes

2020 – What a Year in Education!

2020 started much like any other year. It was the beginning of a new decade and anyone who was hoping that 2020 would bring some change […]
December 9, 2020
parent-teacher meeting in Covid 19

Parent-Teacher Meeting during a Pandemic

When I have written about the annual parent-teacher meeting (PTM) before, I have always assumed that they would be in-person meetings. That was how they always […]
December 7, 2020
Independent Learning

Fostering Independent Learning

Independent learning is a big deal. From the moment a baby can hold a teaspoon they want to feed themselves. The need to be independent is […]