Iridescent Program for Students & Teenagers

Iridescent Program for Students & Teenagers

Learning to navigate life is a challenge to every student and teenager without struggling at school or college making it even tougher. At Hummingbird Learning Centre, we specialise in helping teenagers and young adults overcome a variety of learning challenges, helping them to make life easier (especially for their parents!). The Iridescent Program, which incorporates the Hummingbird Learning Method®, is specifically designed for Students and teenagers.Our complementary approach to educational programs provides all the tools they need to help them succeed.

A student who continually struggles with spelling, reading, writing or maths, may display a learning challenge that requires more than extra tuition or more time spent studying. Poor classroom participation, constant battles over homework, poor note taking or a lack of self-motivation may indicate one or more academic struggles that are the result of a specific learning challenge and are beyond the control of the student, or it may be simply a learning style that does not lend itself well to the typical classroom environment.

The Hummingbird Learning Method® identifies 4 groupings of essential skills which work with the learning style of the student. Within these 4 groupings – Green, Magenta, Blue and Purple – are 22 skills which help students overcome both learning and behavioural challenges, allowing them to effectively uncover and develop their hidden talents and natural learning gifts.

4 Groups of essential learning skills for STUDENTS/TEENAGERS (Click each colour to view)

  • Organisation
  • Focus & Attention
  • Grounding
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary Memorisation
  • Memorisation of Abstract Information
  • Handwriting
  • Note Taking
  • Writing – Composition
  • Memorising Maths Facts
  • Memorising Maths Concepts & Formulae
  • Goal Setting
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Stress Reduction
  • Exam Preparation & Strategies
  • Eliminating Exam Anxiety
  • Critical Thinking
  • Using Inductive & Deductive Reasoning

Through The Hummingbird Learning Method® these essential skills, when mastered, allow the student to store and recall information easily, faster and more effectively. Learning becomes an easy, naturally successful activity and confidence soars - and not just in the academics!

Hummingbird Learning Centre specialises in teaching these essential learning skills and more, to students without a clinical diagnosis experiencing various learning challenges such as Concentration & Recall, Reading & Spelling, Focus and Attention & Maths as well as students who have been diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, ADD / ADHA, Dysgraphia, PDD-NOS, Auditory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum and other Sensory Based challenges.

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The Hummingbird Learning Method® is an alternative approach to learning and behaviour modification and cannot be construed as a replacement or substitute for medical advice.