• Hi Elaine, hope all is well with you and that you had a good summer. Just thought I'd touch base with you and let you know how well Jim is getting on at school since he went back in September. His fluency in reading has improved brilliantly and his spellings have done the same, T.G., and his self confidence is fantastic now and all thanks to you and the Hummingbird Learning Method. I can't begin to thank you enough and will be forever grateful for all your help. Take care, Talk soon.
    R. & J. Kerry
  • The whole house has changed since I took my son to Elaine. Homework is no longer the stressful time that it was and everyone in the house has benefitted from it. Conor is much happier, his handwriting has improved, he’s getting better results and his confidence is way up – even his hurling has improved.
    P. Limerick
  • My daughter, now eight years old was diagnosed as having developmental delay and poor muscle tone. Her symptoms were not unlike dyspraxia in so much as she has poor balance and co-ordination, her writing skills and comprehension pose difficulties and sometimes she finds it difficult to find the words she needs to explain something. This all took a toll on her confidence. And on hearing of The Hummingbird Learning method I decided to give it a try. Elaine greeted us both with an openness that my daughter immediately connected with. She skipped out after her first session bubbling over with a new found confidence and enthusiasm for learning...because with Elaine learning is fun!! We go to Elaine's for regular top-ups often prompted by my daughter herself. Her writing skills have improved immensely, her ability to learn her spellings and more importantly how to remember them means she does very well on her weekly tests and most importantly I have a very happy confident little girl...a true Hummingbird.
    K. Limerick
  • I can never believe how quickly the time goes when I am at Hummingbird Learning Centre, it’s not like school at all! It’s fun. My tests are way better now and it takes way less time doing my homework. My teacher can’t spell forwards & in reverse and now I can. It’s brilliant.
    C. Kerry
  • Just wondering if you put a spell on Jane yesterday? She is reading books since last evening, we can’t open our mouths to her, what a transformation.
    D. Dublin
  • Elaine Sparling is an amazing woman & teacher. The hardest thing for me, growing up with dyslexia, is the feeling of being stupid. Working with Elaine took all of that away, as well as learning a brand new way to spell, which I am now teaching to my daughter. I am in awe of what you do Elaine, Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    V. Limerick