Hummingbird Learning Method® Programs: Jewel, Iridescent, Nectar16+ & Nectar

People often ask me why I named our programs the way I did. Like everything I do within the Hummingbird Learning Method®, I did it for a very specific reason.

Hummingbirds are amazing. They are amongst the smallest birds in the world. The smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird. No prizes for guessing why it got its name – it is just marginally bigger than a bumble bee.

In many ways, Hummingbirds act more like bees than birds. They too are attracted to bright flowers because their primary food source is nectar. But they didn’t evolve into bees. Instead they created new strategies to overcome the challenges they faced. They stayed true to themselves!

Hummingbird Learning MethodAnd staying true to themselves is exactly how I want every one of my clients to feel. I don’t want them shoehorned into being a version of themselves, one that sort of conforms to the way that they are being taught. A way that kinda, sorta works but really doesn’t.

Instead I teach different strategies, so that no matter what the teaching style that a person is faced with, they can adapt it to their own learning style. You see, EVERYONE can learn. We just do it in our own unique way.

The names of our programs all reflect some element of hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Learning Method® Jewel Program

Many hummingbirds are named after precious jewels such as the Ruby- Topaz Hummingbird and the Rondonia Emerald Hummingbird. So I called our program for under 12s the Hummingbird Learning Method Jewel Program, because all of our kids are precious to us and we want them to sparkle and be happy in themselves.

Hummingbird Learning Method® Iridescent Program

Our teenage program is called the Hummingbird Learning Method Iridescent Program. Hummingbirds’ plumage is iridescent, which means it exhibits changing colours. A hummingbird might appear to have really dull feathers and then suddenly with a turn of its neck or a flutter of its wings, you suddenly see the radiant colours beneath. Teenagers are like that too. Hidden depths and mood swings!

Hummingbird Learning Method® Nectar & Nectar 16+ Programs

Be True to Yourself Hummingbird Learning MethodWorking with adults and young adults takes a different approach. They want to get directly to the root of what is causing them difficulty and sort it out. A bit like the hummingbird’s approach to getting the nectar from the flowers. That is why our adult programs are called Nectar and Nectar 16+.

Our programs are unique because each one is designed to be flexible to meet the individual needs of our clients. Just as hummingbirds are many and varied, our hummingbirds come in all shapes and sizes. Some are bouncy and some are calm. Some could talk for Ireland, some barely raise their voices above a whisper. Some have to fidget, some love to draw. They are all different & unique so why would we do anything else other than teach them in a way that works for them?

For more information on our programs and how we can help you just contact Elaine at 353 87 2996054 or  Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest too.


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