Probably Not. Sounds like every adolescent’s worst nightmare – being grounded, but we should be grounding our kids a lot more! Being grounded is one of the best things a person can be. Of course I mean this not in the punishment way but in the being grounded in reality way.
Ever watch Ronan O’Gara as he prepares to take a conversion shot? He has a little routine, and as part of it he plants his feet into the sod, grounds himself, pauses and looks at the goal. You know that he knows exactly where the ball is going to go. He can see it. Then he looks at the ball and scores.
For an athlete, getting themselves grounded allows them to focus on the task at hand. It eliminates all other distractions. Grounding combined with visualisation is used by athletes all around the world, in every sport. I have found that the very same techniques are like magic when used for education. Focus and attention become easy, concentration levels go way up and the student becomes more engaged.
So to become grounded, just plant your feet into the ground and push into it. It is that simple. You can do it while sitting down. When they go back to school and are doing their homework, check and see if both feet are flat on the ground at the same time. If they are distracted I’m willing to bet that they are ungrounded.
When describing a person we often say that someone is grounded or that they have their feet on the ground. Just goes to show what truth those old saying have.
Congratulations Ronan on becoming Munster’s most capped player tonight. To the brave and faithful nothing is impossible – Come on Munster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grounded & Visualising

Grounded & Visualising

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  1. Dave says:

    We saw this at work with our then-six year old who was having trouble learning and remembering coins. We were over in Ireland and met Elaine who worked with our son for only five or ten minutes. Every time he struggled after that, we’d tell him to push down into the ground and – almost like magic he’d get it right. Can’t thank you enough Elaine!

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