It is the night before the exam and sometimes sleep can decide to play silly beggars and refuse to show up. Rather than lie in your bed fretting, use these 6 tips to get yourself ready for the morning. Then you can sleep like a baby!

#1 Focus on yourself

If you compare yourself to others, you will start to stress out. Focus on yourself and what you can control. You are always in control of your thoughts, so choose to make your thoughts work positively for you.

#2 Positive Visualisation

Visualise a positive non-school related experience. You’ve had thousands of them! This will boost confidence, help with nerves and improve mood.

#3 Previous Best

Think about your best performance in an exam so far. What helped that time? How will you apply it to tomorrow’s exam?

#4 A Challenge rather than a Threat

Look on the exams as a challenge. You are going to rise to the opportunity and take on the challenge that you are ready for! This will make you feel motivated.

#5Your Preparation

Remind yourself how well you have prepared and revised. This will boost your confidence. After all of that, you’ll be……

#6 Ready for A Good Night’s Sleep

A rested mind is more creative, better at problem-solving and has improved concentration & memory. If you like it, drink some Camomile Tea or perhaps a milky hot chocolate. Have a long soak in the bath with some lavender drops in it, or sprinkle some lavender drops on to your pillow. Find some sleepy tunes on Spotify or iTunes and slowly drift off.

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    Thank you Elaine.

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