#4 things that LOVE is

Valentine’s Day – the day we tell the people that we love that we love them. Guess what – they already know that!  But, what about the person that we are with, 24/7? The person whose voice is always in our head? The person who stares back at us in the mirror?  When do we tell them that we love them? Isn’t it about time that we did?


So here is my take on what self love is – L.O.V.E


#1 Listen

Listen to that voice in your head.  Listen to the words it uses. Listen to how it talks to you?  Is that voice nice and kind to you or is it mean?  Does that voice put you down?  Do it tell you that you can’t do things? That you’re stupid? That you can’t learn?  Do you listen to that mean voice and believe what it says?


#2 Overcome

You wouldn’t accept that mean talk from anyone, so refuse to accept it from yourself.  Give that voice a ridiculous accent, one that you would find impossible to take seriously.  Turn the voice down so low that you can no longer hear it.  You can also take drastic action – stand in front of the mirror, listen to the mean voice in your head, indulge it for a full 60 seconds, then take a big breath and repeat the following mantra as loudly as you can:




(repeat as necessary – dang you’re going to scare that mean voice into submission)


#3 Value

I bet that at some time in your life you were told that ‘self praise is no praise’. Well I beg to differ. I always say – Self praise is the best praise, it comes straight from the heart!  Put a value on yourself. Know your worth. It’s okay to be proud of your achievements.


#4 Empower

Now go ahead & give yourself the power to make those positive changes. You are authorised to go ahead & be the very best that you can be. You can learn new things, so go ahead and do it. Show the world just how powerful you are when you take charge. Enjoy your new self and keep going.


        L – Listen to Yourself.

        O – Overcome Yourself

        V – Value Yourself

        E – Empower Yourself



Happy Valentine's Day


    Happy Valentine’s Day

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