E & M Co Cork

I am so grateful to Elaine as her Hummingbird program was a huge help to my 10-year-old son and also to me.
It is a fact that schools are so busy that the overstretched teachers cannot adapt to suit each child’s individual needs. I knew my son was capable of doing better in school but something was just not as right as it could be.
So I turned to Elaine and it was the right decision for my son. Elaine showed my son that all he needed to succeed was inside him. It was amazing to see him begin to trust in himself again.
School (by necessity) focuses on what a child ‘should do’.
Elaine showed my son what ‘he could do’.
I’m so happy I invested in my son via the Hummingbird program. I can’t recommend Elaine enough.
Thank you very much Elaine