Learning Programs for Students

Hummingbird Learning Iridescent Programs for Students and Teenagers

Learning to navigate life is a challenge to every student and teenager without struggling at school or college making it even tougher. At Hummingbird Learning Centre, we specialise in helping teenagers and young adults overcome a variety of learning challenges, helping them to make life easier (especially for their parents!). The Iridescent Programs, which incorporate the Hummingbird Learning Method®, are specifically designed for Students and teenagers.Our complementary approach to educational programs provides all the tools they need to help them succeed.

A student who continually struggles with spelling, reading, writing or maths, may display a learning challenge that requires more than extra tuition or more time spent studying. Poor classroom participation, constant battles over homework, poor note taking or a lack of self-motivation may indicate one or more academic struggles that are the result of a specific learning challenge and are beyond the control of the student, or it may be simply a learning style that does not lend itself well to the typical classroom environment.

The Hummingbird Learning Method® identifies 4 groupings of essential skills which work with the learning style of the student. Within these 4 groupings – Green, Magenta, Blue and Purple – are 22 skills which help students overcome both learning and behavioural challenges, allowing them to effectively uncover and develop their hidden talents and natural learning gifts.

These essential learning skills include:


  • Organisation
  • Focus & Attention
  • Grounding


  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary Memorisation
  • Memorisation of Abstract Information
  • Handwriting
  • Note Taking
  • Writing – Composition
  • Memorising Maths Facts
  • Memorising Maths Concepts & Formulae


  • Goal Setting
  • Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Increasing Confidence
  • Increasing Motivation


  • Stress Reduction
  • Exam Preparation & Strategies
  • Eliminating Exam Anxiety
  • Critical Thinking
  • Using Inductive &
  • Deductive Reasoning