Back to School 2020 – sounds like a title from a science fiction movie. I remember thinking that Prince’s song 1999 was a million miles away into the future. Now 1999 feels the same, just in the opposite direction. The New Year brings with it the promise of fresh starts & new beginnings, even in the middle of the school year.

It got me thinking over the past few days & I wanted to share 3 tips for students who are back at school or college.

Be nice to yourself

Perfection is a dangerous thing. While attaining it can drive us forward, fear of failure can hold us back. Life is not a pass/fail event, and neither is learning. Learning is a progression. We build on past knowledge and learn from mistakes and omissions. Be nice to yourself especially things don’t go to plan. Take the feedback and learnings and keep going.  For Leaving Cert & Junior Cycle students, you have plenty of time before the exams start.

2. Be nice to others

Everyone has their story, and nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. The class swot may be under fierce pressure at home to constantly reach top grades, the class clown might be doing everything in their power to hide a learning difficulty. Nobody’s life is perfect, yet we can call make a person’s day just a little bit better by being nice. It costs nothing to smile to at a person or give them a compliment. It might just make their day! Oh, & if someone does choose to give you a compliment, always thank them.

3. Be nice to your parents

Most parents only want what’s best for their children. And they don’t always express it well. It can be disguised as giving out, or always being on your back. Their version of what’s best for you may be diametrically opposed to yours and that’s ok. They are doing their best. School has changed a lot since their time, so they have a limited idea of what their children are experiencing. Junior Cycle with its CBAs and new grading system is alien to them, and they struggle with it. Likewise, with the changes in Leaving Cert.  If they could do the exams for you to save you the stress, they would (although most wouldn’t bet the house on getting better grades!). So be nice to your parents.

Back to School 2020 – new year, new decade, new outlook.

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