Hummingbird Learning Centre Story So Far...

Based in Adare, Co Limerick, we specialise in making learning easy. We work with adults and children to improve reading, maths, spelling, writing, concentration, retention and recall. We use The Hummingbird Method to allow each person's individual learning style fly right over any stumbling blocks - making learning easy, enjoyable and giving you a whole new outlook on life.

Our complementary approach to educational programs provides all the tools they need to help them succeed. We achieve positive results by helping children, teens and adults utilise their natural abilities to succeed in their literacy goals.


Meet Elaine Sparling:

Learning Specialist and Founder of Hummingbird Learning Centre
Mum, wife, cyclist and passionate about education.

Diploma in Special Educational Needs Support
Licenced Education Master Practitioner & Trainer in NLP
Certificate in Applied Behaviour Analysis
Gold Winner Vodafone Startup Awards

I come from a large family of teachers so teaching and education has always been central to my life. I loved school but struggled a little with spelling, so I know what it feels like to get things wrong. I hated the injustice of being told I hadn’t learned my spellings when I had spent hours trying to learn them off by heart. I never want another child to have that feeling, so I created the Hummingbird Learning Method® to make learning easy and fun, to nurture the innate curiosity that we all have and help people access their unique style of learning. We learn so much better (and faster) when we are having fun.


I founded Hummingbird Learning Centre somewhere between 2011 and 2012. I can't give a definitive date because it grew out a sense of awareness and before I knew it ,what started out as helping a few friends’ children ignited a passion to help everyone learn easily. That passion is now a mission and Hummingbird Learning Centre® was born. Since then, using the Hummingbird Learning Method®,I have successfully helped children & adults in their literacy & numeracy needs and the effect has been life altering for them and their families. Its why I love what I do. I get to watch people transform and blossom as they realise their own potential and succeed in doing things that they were sure they were not good at.
Its amazing - I have one of THE best jobs in the world!!


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